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Rhino 5 is a cooperative crisis management board game, with an emphasis on teamwork and hand management.

You play as the crew of the Rhino 5, a tough old mining ship which is on a mission to gather supplies for a fleet of ships attempting to escape from a doomed Earth.


An immense swarm of comets has struck the solar system, destroying everything in their path, including planets. Only Rhino 5 is tough enough to survive out there, as it goes on mission after dangerous mission to gather what humanity needs to escape the swirling maelstrom that our solar system has become!

The game is in a very exciting phase right now, as we have entered blind playtesting. We are actively seeking people who would like to help out, by playing fully working prototypes of the game (either physical copies, or on Tabletop Simulator) and letting us know your thoughts.

Please also support us by following us on our social media platforms and subscribing for progress updates and sneak peeks of the game as it continues to come together.

About Us

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